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New Year, New Season

New Year, New Season

We’re now more than halfway through January, and the new year brings us new challenges and fresh starts. Hopefully all of you have been staying safe and warm throughout these ever-changing times.

Season Zero

Some of you may have already heard of our new pilot league format that we’ve named “Season Zero.” In short, it’s an informal organized play structure that awards prizes to teams that win a certain amount of WarBow games during the season duration.   Typical league formats are some variation of round robin, with set game schedules and locations.

At the end of the season, an individual team’s win-loss record determines final ranking.  

By contrast, Season Zero only tracks the number of games a team has won, regardless of who they’ve played or what location. It’s a more relaxed structure that doesn’t heavily punish losses or require opponents to organize in advance (a team could rack a win from playing against a pick-up team).  

Swag and Bragging Rights

During the course of Season Zero, teams may achieve a team rank based on their total win count. They’ll also earn a prize appropriate to the rank:

3 wins Veteran Carabiner Keychain

6 wins Expert Sackpack

10 wins Elite Metal Challenge Coin


Season Zero prizes, from left to right: Carabiner Keychain (Veteran), Sackpack (Expert), Challenge Coin (Elite)

These prizes are emblazoned with the WBL logo and feature a set of arrowhead icons corresponding to the number of wins your team has accrued. At the conclusion of the season, these items and art schemes will not be produced again. It’ll be a badge of honor for the very first participants in our emerging sport!

Why 10 wins? The number of wins needed to reach Elite status is loosely based on the amount of games a team may expect to play in the span of 3 or 4 months. If a team plays 1 game every weekend, that would net about 12 to 15 games played. Winning 10 of those games would be a true mark of skill, as the team would need to emerge as the victor in the majority (60%-70%) of their games!

Form Your Teams and Develop Your Skills

With Season Zero’s relaxed scheduling and competitive format, now’s a good time to find a few friends and work on some archery skills. Rather than worrying about winning or losing, just go out and have a good time while exploring new tactics and skill sets!

In the near future, we’ll move towards setting up a variety of league formats and tournament events. This promotional period is a prelude and starting point for more organized sporting, hence the “Zero” in the name.

I look forward to seeing people on the field, showcasing their new teams!

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