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Holiday Greetings from the Warbow League!

Hopefully all of you are keeping warm and healthy as the year comes to a close. As always, we’re tweaking gameplay elements and outreaching with various organizations to encourage the growth of teams throughout the Bay Area and surrounding regions.
What is the end goal of all our efforts? For those who’ve not had a chance to interact with us: simply put, we’re hoping to elevate the concept of “combat archery” into a competitive sport.
The key to success for any sport is the development of a community and lifestyle centered around the activity. For the old mainstays (soccer, football, baseball), sporting organizations coalesced around traditional games people had been playing for decades.
For combat archery (and our slight spin on the rules “WarBow”), which does not possess such an illustrious past, we’re building a community from scratch. And thus, the reason for running this blog.
As pioneers in our fledgling sport, we’re listening to input from you, the readers and participants, on the development of rules, equipment and competitive formats. In this blog, we’ll keep you in the loop on things we’re developing, featured players/teams, and various other archery related topics as we embark on this journey together.
May your arrow find its mark in the years to come!
– James
Welcome to Warbow League’s Official Blog. Check back often to see Combat Archery related posts.
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