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Team Spotlight: The Sword Breakers

The first in a series of feature articles that will highlight the pioneers of our emerging sport. Competition is nothing new to Raul Barrera-Barraza. Having competed in a wide variety…

New Livestream Matches, Events On the Way!

Greetings to all archers out there! As the winter weather is coming to a close, the WarBow staff is hard at work developing and expanding combat archery. New Livestreamed Matches…

New Year, New Season

New Year, New Season We're now more than halfway through January, and the new year brings us new challenges and fresh starts. Hopefully all of you have been staying safe…

Holiday Greetings from the Warbow League!

Hopefully all of you are keeping warm and healthy as the year comes to a close. As always, we're tweaking gameplay elements and outreaching with various organizations to encourage the…

9/12 Dodgeball and Combat Archery Collaboration (With Silicon Valley Quidditch)

Hi Warbow League Community, Silicon Valley Vipers and any others who made their way here with an interest in joining this event. On Sunday September 12th, at 4PM our two…